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BigBlueBall Reference LibraryThis is a list of the latest instant messaging, voice over IP (VoIP) and chat programs, with links to the official sites where you can download them. Unless noted otherwise, all of these programs are free.

We make every effort to keep this listing up-to-date, but before you complain that your favorite IM program isn’t listed, let me remind you of two things. First, this is not an exhaustive list of every IM program under the sun — just the ones that are most significant. And secondly, if you would like to see something added, or have an update to report, please, leave a comment. – The BigBlue Crew

The Main Players

AIM AIM/AOL Messenger
Overview | AIM Forum Windows
2.2.429 Mac OS X
1.5.286 Linux
Digsby Digsby
Overview | Digsby Forum
2011 Beta
Google Talk Google Talk
Overview | Google Talk Forum 21 Nov 2007
Overview | ICQ Forum
7.6 14 Aug 2011
Skype Skype
Overview | Skype Forum Windows Mac OS X
3.5.117 iOS Linux Android
29 Sep 2011
1 Sep 2011
12 Sep 2011
1 Sep 2011
29 Sep 2011
Trillian Trillian
Overview | Trillian Forum Windows Mac OS X iOS BlackBerry Android
28 Jun 2011
3 Jun 2011
8 Jun 2011
25 Feb 2011
6 Jul 2011
Windows Live Messenger Windows Live Messenger
Overview | Windows Live Messenger Forum
2011 Build 15.4.3502.922
Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Messenger
Overview | Yahoo! Messenger Forum Windows
2.5.3 Mac OS X
1.0.4 Unix

The Contenders

Adium AdiumMac 1.4.3 4 Sep 2011
Miranda MirandaPC 0.9.31 7 Oct 2011
QQ Messenger QQ 2009PC QQ2011 Beta 2
instant-t Instan-T – PC
5.0 17 Dec 2008
iChat iChat – Mac 6.0 (927)
Paltalk Paltalk – PC 9.0
Gizmo5 Gizmo5PC, Mac, Linux, Nokia Tablet 07 Mar 2009
Pidgin Pidgin – PC, Linux
Overview | Pidgin Forum
2.10.0 20 Aug 2011

The Mobile Crowd

Mobile messaging lets you IM from anywhere. These programs usually have limited features compared to their desktop siblings. Not all programs support all mobile operating systems.

iPhone, Windows Mobile, G1, Symbian
BeeJive BeeJive IM
Fring Fring
Truphone Truphone
QQ Messenger QQ
NimBuzz Nimbuzz
Palringo Palringo

A great resource for the latest versions of software in all categories is And if you need to find an older version of one of these programs, check out

To learn which IM lets you communicate with each IM network, check out our IM operability matrix.

This list is still being developed. Your comments and feedback are welcome!

Updated October 10, 2011.


  1. Scott D. says

    This list is a start, but what about all the great Mac clients? These are all Windows versions! And what about the alternative clients like Adium, Pidgin and Miranda? Hmmmm??

  2. says

    Thanks for the feedback, Scott. Actually, you caught us in sort of a “pre-re-launch test period” where some of our content is still being updated. Tentative plans are to complete the updates this week and go live on March 1st (our 8th anniversary!).

    We will definitely be including all the IM programs you mentioned, plus more. We will probably categorize by PC, Linux, Mac, and mobile devices.

    But keep the feedback coming!

  3. says

    This is a wonderful inclusion, because we know whether we are using the latest IM clients or not. Furthermore, listing the release date is a wonderful plus. Thanks, Jeff!

  4. says

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Paltalk on the list. They have a browser only version called Paltalk Express for PC, Max and Linux. However, the downloadable Paltalk Scene is still only PC.

  5. says

    there is another that I can think of, these are the current builds they are on and I know
    Trillian 3 – build :
    Trillian 4 ( AKA )Astra – Beta Build 99

    and i know at 1 point in time they we’re making a Mac Version but to tell you the truth i have no idead what version they are on for it since i dont use it 😀

  6. says

    @Costi – I had never heard of shMessenger before. Are you one of the developers?
    @Eagle_Kiwi – It’s hard, but not impossible, thanks to people like you who leave comments! That Filehippo site is a great resource for finding version numbers.

  7. says

    Hi Jeff:
    Just released JBuddy Messenger v3.0 today. Runs on mac osx, so, vista, Linux, Solaris, etc. May be the only/first(?) non-Microsoft client supporting Office Communications Server.

  8. Michael Acain says

    So many IM, for you what is a good Messenger?

    because I use skype and it really good to its core and functionality easy to use and userfriendly…

  9. vishal says

    hello everybody

    recently i hav com across this website its very cool, but i am searching a messenger which help me to login with my yahoo and gmail id in single messenger and plus it also detect invisible user in my buddy list


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