Miranda IM Gets a Twitter Upgrade

The multi-protocol instant messenger Miranda got a whole new gig today. Now you can use Miranda to connect to Twitter, staying up to date on everyone you follow and posting new tweets. Miranda-Twitter is a protocol plugin for Miranda IM v 0.8+. 


Miranda is a free IM program that works with all of the popular IM networks, allowing you to use one program instead of many. With the addition of Twitter support via this plugin, Miranda is edging into the social networking turf that Digsby first ventured into.  Unlike Digsby, the Miranda installer does not encourage you to install any adware programs. 

To share feedback on the Miranda-Twitter plugin, visit this Miranda forum discussion.


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    Don’t forget that the Cleartext Desktop app has had Twitter in the mix for a year now and does great renderings of Tweets complete with avatar’s, retweet buttons etc


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