Palringo Launches Multi-protocol IM for Google Android

Popular multi-protocol mobile instant messenger Palringo is now available on the Android Market.  This free Palringo instant messenger connects with a range of IM networks, including AIM, ICQ, WLM (MSN), Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Facebook. And unlike Palringo on the iPhone, this runs in the background on Google Android phones, allowing you to stay connected and get notified of new messages as they are received. 

“By integrating the messaging capabilities of popular IM applications and social networks into a single application, Palringo has created a messaging community that runs to hundreds and hundreds of millions of users” said Martin Rosinski, Palringo’s CTO.

Palringo for Android is also location aware, as you can see from the screenshots below — allowing you to see where your friends are (assuming they are also running Palringo, and have location aware phones. 

Palringo contact list  Palringo location sharing

This version also provides the ability to share pictures, allowing you to snap a pic with your phone’s camera and send it to your buddies, regardless of their platform (they could be on AIM sitting at their desktop, for example). 

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    This looks like good news for Android users…. both of’em. Seriously, everywhere I go I see iPhone users, or Crackberries, but I don’t know one single person with a G1 or any Android phone. I’m sure they exist, but where are they?


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