Secret Moves of Antisocial Smartphone Users

Renny Gleeson gave this 3-minute presentation at TED, outlining how smartphones can lead to dehumanizing behavior by expecting availability. Just because we can be available, doesn’t mean we should be. As Gleeson notes, “…the technology we use to connect, actually separates and isolates.”

How available should we be? What about the here and now? Poignant for both mobile phone users and the people creating these brave new technologies.


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    That was an entertaining 3 minutes. I laughed, but I’ve gotta admit being guilty of using a few of those tactics myself — probably too often. Gleeson’s key point is good. Technology isn’t evil, but we need to work to create tools that bring us together, and don’t get in the way of the here-and-now. Carpe diem!

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