Top 10 Instant Messaging Apps Worldwide

Top 10 Instant Messaging Apps Worldwide

Instant messaging has been around for a long time, and while it's changed a lot since the early days in the 90's, its still one of the most popular methods for communicating. Why? This infographic provides some insight into what instant messaging apps are popular worldwide; who uses them and how they use them. What IM programs do you use today? … [Read More...]

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Instagram Web Profile

Instagram Web Profiles Are Here

I first started using Instagram in November 2010, and it's one of my favorite photo apps. The fact that it's on my iPhone home screen is a testament to it's draw. The clever filters designed to make photos look old-timey draw the ire of many photographers, but … [Read More...]


Windows Messenger is Dead… Long Live Skype

What began many years ago as Microsoft Messenger and evolved into Windows Live Messenger (or simply, WLM) is now being put to rest. Microsoft has officially announced that Skype will now officially replace Messenger for instant messaging, audio and video … [Read More...]

Nike+ FuelBand

Gamifying Health and Fitness: Five iOS Apps

I am a huge fan of gamification and quantification. What is it? Simply put, gamification leverages game mechanics to make something routine seem more like fun, therefore encouraging you to do it over and over again. And quantification employs tracking your … [Read More...]

Pie Chart

Happy Pi Day

March 14th is annual Pi Day, commemorated the three most significant digits of pi -- 3.14. Although I'm not currently eating pie (or pi, for that matter), I wanted to share what has to be the ultimate pie chart.  And if you are in the mood for something a … [Read More...]